Will absinthe make me hallucinate?

That’s up to you! Drinking anything excessively is probably a bad idea, but absinthe in particular has never been shown to be more dangerous than any other spirit.

The absinthe smear campaign began to gain footing in the 19th century, due in large part to the temperance movement. With absinthe being the drink of the day, it became the easy villain the teetotalers needed to push their agenda. Backed by several scientific studies of a questionable nature, it wasn’t long before the drink became associated with violent crime and the gradual erosion of common social decency.

Thujone, a chemical compound present in wormwood, became the poster child for the dangerously psychoactive properties absinthe was alleged to have. In reality, thujone is present in absinthe in only trace amounts, and all major governments now regulate maximum concentrations to ensure no one partaking in the green spirit finds themselves descending into the madness dreamed up by prohibitioners.

Absinthe has been enjoying newfound popularity, following the adoption of more reasonable food and beverage laws across the globe. Thankfully, this should allow us all to get back to painting beautiful works of art and writing novels that wistfully reflect on our shared humanity.

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