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Tonawanda Liquor Store is Here to Stay

Gates Circle Liquor is continually proud to serve the Tonawanda area. It’s part of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area, but let’s be serious! It’s a beautiful city on its own and deserves to be recognized as such. We welcome all customers and clients who make the short trip from Tonawanda for our specialized wine and liquor collections, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


Its Place in History

Not short on any piece of American history, Tonawanda grew like many other small towns, and this hamlet slowly grew until the opening of the Erie Canal (you may of heard of it). This and the railroads that were built shortly thereafter put the recently incorporated place on the map for holding significant economic potential. Known in the beginning for its lumber processing, Spaulding Fibre opened as a mill for many types of leatherboards and quickly became the primary employer. Historic sites include the federally recognized Kibler High School, The Tonawanda Armory, and the US Post Office.


Tonawanda lumber


Landmarks and the Gateway Harbor

The history of the lumber industry in the Erie Canal cannot be overstated, and there’s a gorgeous museum for just that reason located in the former New York Central & Hudson Valley railroad station. The Isle View Park on the river overlooks Grand Island and gives a great spot for biking, hiking, and fishing. Gateway Harbor is just as good, if not better, standing as a public park that runs around the famous and beautiful Erie Canal. An outstanding sight just before joining the Niagara River, the water is rife with boaters who dock at the park and offers free concerts during the warm summers. Many local businesses will commune here as well, providing a sense of community that just isn’t found anywhere else. If you really want to keep it local, and we suggest you do, you should definitely visit your local Tonawanda Liquor Shop for some New York Wine.


Canal Fest

Tonawanda Canal Fest


A renowned festival for all to enjoy, the annual Canal celebration observes the area’s history in the western end of the Erie Canal.The largest of its kind, it was originally set out in conjunction with many regional leaders to promote local business, fundraise for non-profits, and give the opportunity for the town to just come together and genuinely enjoy itself. Started in 1983, now an estimated 150,000 people currently attend. It’s entirely free of charge, is the largest event held along the Erie Canal and is known throughout New York State. And what goes well with a near nationally-known festival? American Whiskey from your Tonawanda Liquor Store.


The Neighborhoods

How a town is built dictates its ability to thrive, and Tonawanda has done just that. As diverse as all the bourbons at your local liquor store, so are the areas the make this place home. Ives is popular, and starting as just a kiddie pool, this place gives the town the opportunity to gather and stay in shape with a hockey rink, skatepark, soccer field, and tennis courts. The Hill, also known as Riverview, is slightly higher than its surrounding area and was formed by a glacial moraine; here’s also a site for the ever-revered clay tennis courts. Gastown takes its name from the Gas Light Co. that was build on Long’s point, home to the long-histories Long’s Homestead. And finally, we have Millstream, named for a stream that beautifully flowed through the area.


War Memorials

Two of the most famous World War Two popular culture features, Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan, base their story lines on actual events that surround Tonawanda natives. Warren Muck was portrayed in the HBO mini-series that highlighted the perils and victories of Easy Company of the 101st Airborne. Born in 1922 and Killed in Action at the young age of 22 in Bastogne, he will be forever remembered on the City of Tonawanda soldier memorial. He enlisted with his best friend Frederick “Fritz” Niland, who was the basis for Private Ryan in the Tom Hanks and Matt Damon masterpiece. Niland lost two brothers, originally thought to be three, but with luck he was found in a Japanese POW camp at the war’s end. There’s nothing better to celebrate a homecoming than Champagne from the Tonawanda Wine Store.

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