Tommy Rotter Buffalo Spirit Tasting on November 18 2016

Join us on Friday November 18, 2016 at Gates Circle for Tommy Rotter spirit tasting.

The Distillers:

Located in the historic Hydraulics manufacturing district in New York State, Tommy Rotter uses a blend of local grains to produce the cleanest vodka and a most flavorful gin. Every long day of manual production is completed in the distillery, making the perfect cuts and discarding unfavorable distillates. Every bottle is filled and labeled by hand, obsessed over by heart and mind. As a result of their efforts both of their featured products have won Silver medals in San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Denver International Spirits Competition.

The Products:

Tommy Rotter Vodka is distilled batch by batch from New York State grain! Charcoal-filtered and bottled by hand! An ode to the craft.

Tommy Rotter Gin is pot-distilled in small batches to articulate a deliberate blend of infused herbs, fruits, roots and flowers. The 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge awarded this Gin 92 pts, while the Tasting Pannel Magazine gave it 93 pts.


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