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5.0 star rating

Best liquor store in the city not only because their selection is fantastic but because their customer service is impeccable. They are exceedingly friendly and knowledgeable. Any time I have a question about something they always have a great answer. They do wine tastings and other events that help educate their customers. Best place in Buffalo for wine and liquor!!!

Rob B.
NY 10/25/2016

4.0-star rating

Gates is small but consistently has staff walking up and down the aisles assisting you with any questions you may have and they always make great recommendations. The staff is kind, welcoming and knowledgeable – it feels like your neighborhood wine and liquor store, but more upscale. They have plenty of wines in the $10-$15 and many that are much more expensive. The store stays open until 10 at night which is on the later side and very convenient. Parking is sometimes tough as there are only about eight or so spots in front and it’s on a busy road. The store suits any need you have whether it’s to stock up on inexpensive wine for the house or to buy a nice gift for somebody.

Samantha S.
Rochester, NY

Deserves more stars if possible! Located off of Delaware Ave. and near Forest Lawn cemetery, Gates Circle has all of the high end to lower end wine and spirits your looking for!

The staff, and especially Dave, who is the manager, is very knowledgeable and will help you find that perfect bottle of wine for your meal or just to enjoy. They aren’t too pushy and will ask the price range you’re looking to spend!

Some of the popular wines are already chilled in a cooler! If you want a gift they have fun wine glasses and gift bags there too!

My boyfriend Dan and I have been there for their wine classes (used to offer them a few times a week) and will start up again in the spring! The wine classes will focus on various wines from different regions of the world. Dave keeps the class interesting and knows so many helpful tips on the qualities of the wines, what aromas you get from those wines, and of course what pairs well with the select wines. He prints you off a sheet you can keep too! A few types of cheese and crackers are there to taste with the wine samples. Usually 4-6 wines total for tasting. Then you can buy the wines at the end of the class with a 15% discount!

Gates Circle does have special 5 course dinners at local area restaurants too. A different wine is paired with each course. I think the next dinner is coming up soon at COCO on Main St., Buffalo. Look on their website gatescircleliquor.com

I love learning about GOOD WINE! It does make a difference to spend $10-15 a bottle vs. $7. I can taste the difference! So go and support the best wine and liquor store in the Buffalo area… GATES CIRCLE WINE and LIQUOR!! SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES! Cheers 😉

Teresa B.
Buffalo, NY


I like going here because of it’s extensive selection of Bourbons and other various alcohols and its terribly convenient location It’s walking distance for me, but it’s also right on Delaware on your way into the city.

Parking is never too bad and I’ve seem them attendants helping people find people where to park. The layout is open and easy to find things. The shelves are stacked only a couple feet tall so you can easily get a measure of the place the moment you walk in. The staff has always been courteous and knowledgeable and they all seem to know what they like and what to suggest for you once you’ve given them an idea of what you’re looking for.

Plenty of high end and oddball choices as well as carrying plenty of local liquor too. Prices do tend to be a few dollars above what you’d find at other liquor places, but you’ll be happy to pay this surcharge for the convenience.

Oh, they also deliver!

Ben U.
Buffalo, NY


It’s February of 2015, which, if you weren’t living somewhere in the lower 48, is like the coldest February on record for most of the country. I needed to leave my wife and 2 kids at home in Buffalo for a visit down to my parents’ in NJ. After arriving in NJ, I checked the Buffalo weather and it was -3 degrees and snowing. Fearing for my wife’s sanity spending all weekend indoors with the kids, I called Gates and asked if they could deliver her a case of red wine. One of their associates grabbed a cart, asked what varietals she liked, and started walking around the store picking some choice wines. The wine was at our house in North Buffalo within the hour!

Tommy E.
Buffalo, NY


So my boss invited my family over to his house as part of a broader celebration for the holidays. I asked him what type of wine his wife liked, and he said, “Well, not too dry, not too sweet, red.” He was trying not to make us feel like we had to bring anything, but I figured why not.

I really don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of wine, so I often ask for recommendations. So I walk into Gate’s Circle, and walk up to one of their customer service folks. She was a woman, kind of young. I told her that I was looking for a wine that had broad appeal, “red, not too sweet, not too dry.” The first one she suggested was Menage a Trois, which I laughed since it was a work function and I figured I wouldn’t live that down. She then suggested Apothecary Red, which seemed good. I bought that bottle.

I bring it to the party, and my bosses wife smiles. “Did [Boss] tell you that I liked this?” Me, “No, he just said reds that weren’t too sweet or dry and I asked the folks at Gates Circle for a recommendation.” She then tells me that her favorite and, as such, it’s the fifth bottle she’s received that night (a fact she is visibly happy about).

I have always been pleased with their recommendations.

I saw the wine advertised for a couple bucks cheaper at a different wine shop on the way, but you know? I will happily pay a couple dollars more for their expertise and to always be getting exactly the right stuff.

Christine S.
Buffalo, NY


Staff is phenomenal. They know their wines and are far more respectful and nonjudgmental than I would be… it feels like they’re trying to get me the wine I want not the wine they want.

Great selection. I’m a total d-bag when it comes to wine selection and layout. It’s by country and region. No one has to go sifting through a bunch of crappy Australian reds to find the French red they really want. This place has everything I could want in the exact order I would put it. They make it really easy to pass through the vendage-foxhole section but it’s there if you want it.

Em A.
Buffalo, NY


They have a good selection of wines. Their prices are alright. Their service is exceptional. They are friendly, helpful, personable, and have given overwhelming good recommendations with wine, to the point that I’ve gotten over my shyness and just ask them for one when I am unsure. This is one of the few places I patronize almost entirely due to the service. It’s that good.

Christine S.
Buffalo, NY


I want to express how fantastic your customer service is. Last year I was searching for a difficult to find NY wine. Gates Circle was the ONLY store willing to order it. In addition, every time I go in and need a recommendation, the staff is extremely helpful. I highly recommend supporting this independent business over big box and chain stores!

Robin S.
Buffalo, NY


Lesle Heubach & the wonderful people at Gates Circle Wine & Liquor –

At the North Park Theatre, each of us has a story about that one time someone at Gates talked our ear off about small batch whiskey. We love that. So thank you, not only for being a friendly, community-driven, family owned business – but for being the best at what you do.

Caitlin C.
Buffalo, NY


Located across from Forest Lawn Cemetery is this small liquor store

While my favorite spot is a little closer to home, I have been here a few times in the past few months.

Once because I was looking for organic vodka. They had it, but the price was a little more than I expected. I bought something else that was priced more reasonably.

The next time I was in a bind, had forgotten to bring a bottle as I was heading to dinner, where I had said I’d bring the red. So I stopped in, the employee who helped me knew his stuff and was able to identify 2 bottles of red that worked really well for the dinner party. We really liked them and the price was fair. Neither were wines I knew, and that’s often a risk, but this time we were well steered. I have purchased more of one of the reds.

Then I was looking to restock the cellar with our favorite house white. It’s not easy to find in this area, but I have been able to order it in the past. However, we found ourselves drinking the last bottle, and that meant I needed to find some right away. You know how it is. (If you don’t, good for you.)

I checked wine-searcher.com and found that they had it. And on sale if you buy a case. Sign me up for that deal, we tend to buy by the case. (Insert any snarky comment you have, that’s how we do it here.) Now sadly they don’t sell it at the lowest price to start with, but I was in a bind. The case discount helps. However, I have found this wine a few dollars cheaper in other parts of the state.

So I’ll buy it when I find it cheaper, but I now have a few cases to keep us going until I take another road trip. Never mind that they were able to get it in a few days, no hassle and super nice. They do have a “membership card” thing, where you spend $250 and you get 20% of a future order, no matter how large or small. You get to choose when to use it too. That’s a good deal.

Easy parking, which you know I love.

Maria B.
Buffalo, NY


If you don’t want to drive out of Buffalo to get a good bottle head to this place. The store is well organized, well stocked, clean and has really knowledgeable staff. On my most recent visit I needed help picking out a wine for a friend and the staff person was awesome, giving me honest (and funny) opinions from “That is sooooo good! I drink it all the time!” to “That tastes like band aids and peanuts.” Gates is a good stop to make!
They also have special events on a regular basis and a frequent buyer’s card.

Lois R.
Buffalo, NY


Best wine and liquor store around – the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Whenever we’re there, the staff is always available to help us find the right wine – whether it’s to match what we’re cooking for dinner, to serve at a party, or to try something new. They’re great about asking what you like and recommending something, and they’re never pretentious. We end up learning something new every time we go. I can’t recommend Gate’s Circle enough!

Maggie S.
Buffalo, NY


There is no better place for personal, knowledgeable, and friendly service.

Nicole U.
Buffalo, NY


Dear Lesle

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I have a hard time getting out of here without half a dozen bottles of wine. They always have intriguing selections and the prices are always very fair, and often quite good deals. I’ve always received great advice from the staff here, as well. Highly recommended.

Michelle K.
Allentown, Buffalo, NY


Good prices and location, decent selection, friendly staff.

Sunny And Leonard E.
Buffalo, NY


This is my go-to for wine. Incredible selection and excellent, excellent service. I cannot emphasize enough how awesome everyone is here. Staff is suuuuuper friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, very willing to work within your price range and all suggestions that I’ve received to date have been spot on. They label their staff picks for each type of wine as well, which are also always spot on. Love, love, love!!!

Jeanette L.
Buffalo, NY


There’s nothing bad I can really say about this place. The liquor selection is standard, great wine selection. The staff is very friendly and helpful. It’s a bit tricky getting out of the parking lot onto Delaware, but it’s a great place to go if it’s local to you.

Andrew Z.
Buffalo, NY

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