90+ Lot 134 Moscato d'Asti Wine

90+ Lot 134 Moscato d'Asti Wine
Wine Type: Sparkling Wines
Varietal Type: Moscato

90+ Lot 134 Moscato d'Asti Wine

Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Winery: 90 Plus Cellars
Alcohol: 6.50%
Size: 750 ml
Price: $9.99
Stock Status: In Stock

Id: 74318
750 ml   $9.99


90+ Lot 134 Moscato d'Asti Wine is playfully effervescent with notes of sweet, juicy peach and fragrant honey. A crisp and balanced wine that will woo everyone in your crew. It's a semi-sweet, lightly sparkling, low-alcohol wine from Piedmont, in north-western Italy. It could hardly be more different from Piedmont's other iconic wine style - robust, red, Barolo. 

Made from Moscato Bianco grapes harvested from vineyards around the town of Asti in northwestern Italy’s Piemonte. The juice of the newly pressed grapes is filtered, chilled, then stored as unfermented grape must. Fermentation happens only when the wine is ready for consumption, ensuring freshness and aromatic delicacy. 


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