D'Oliveiras Madeira 10 Year Anos Wine

D'Oliveiras Madeira 10 Year Anos Wine
Wine Type: Port/Sherry
Varietal Type: Port
Country: Portugal
Winery: D`Oliveria
Alcohol: 19.00%
Size: 750 ml
Stock Status: In Stock

Id: 74326
750 ml   $34.99


D'Oliveiras Madeira 10 Year Anos Wine is produced on the island after careful selection and choice of traditional Madeira wine varietals, followed by a meticulous control and aging for over more than ten years in aged oak casks. The result is a wine with good structure, darkened in colour with improved bouquet and a pleasant hint of the oak wood. Ideal as an aperitif, served at room temperature to allow one to partake in its properties most vividly or slightly chilled to stimulate the appetite.

Pereira d'Oliveira is a Madeira Wine producer, independent, run by the descendents of the founding owners, owned by 3 brothers under the administration of Aníbal D`Oliveira and Luí D´Oliveira, who represent the fifth generation of knowledge and experience dedicated to the production, commercialisation and exportation of Madeira Wine. In this company 5 producers of Madeira are integrated, all being from families from the island, with the oldest being founded in 1820. In their warehouses you can find a considerable stock of old rare wines which are the result of valuable wine inheritance of the aforementioned companies, and which currently represent added value for Pereira D'Oliveira wines.


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