Amaro Dell'Etna Liqueur

Amaro Dell'Etna Liqueur
Spirit Type: Liqueur

Amaro Dell'Etna Liqueur

Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Distiller: M.S. Walker
Alcohol: 30.00%
Size: 1 L
Price: $32.99
Stock Status: In Stock

Id: 77866
1 L   $32.99


The Amaro dell'Etna is a herbaceous blend that is macerated then matured for two months, emerging bittersweet, bright and balanced on the nose and palate. Full of tart rhubarb and spiced with cinnamon, this Liqueur finishes with a smoky minerality that dates back to its volcanic origins. It excels as an after-dinner specialty or can be served as an aperitif with ice, soda and a slice of orange.

The Amaro dell’Etna holds its roots on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily where more than twenty-six herbs and aromatic plants grow. The liqueurs special recipe embodies the volcanic nature of Sicilian soil and even after over one hundred years still conveys an authentic and traditional taste. 


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