Oliver’s Restaurant Wine Dinner

May 2014

Oliver’s Restaurant continues to demonstrate that it may not even be possible to get a bad meal while you’re there. Each of the dinners they have graciously hosted with Gates Circle Wine & Liquor have featured diverse, interesting, and most importantly delicious menus with dishes that perfectly compliment the evening’s wines.

Polaner Selections generously donated their time to have a drink with us, presenting several wines of superb quality and character. When Domaine de Trevallon decided to clear out the rocky deposits on their property with a judicious application of dynamite, it might not have occurred to them when their vines were first planted in 1973 that they would soon be mak
ing some of the most highly regarded wines in Southern France. Gerard Boulay, with a winemaking heritage dating back to 1380, surely knows a thing or two about doing things the right way with minimal human interference. His wines are produced with naturally occurring yeast, and his Clos de Beaujeu Sancerre is bottled without filtration. Moulin Touchais’ cellars have been carefully managed by eight generations of the Touchais family, and their wines are only released after a minimum of 10 years aging. The 1981 vintage Chenin Blanc is a superior wine that has matured gracefully.

All of these wines and more are available locally at Gates Circle Wine & Liquor and nationally at gatescircleliquor.com.

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Chateau Maris Wine Dinner

May 2014

The people behind Chateau Maris have been called the “Bio-dynamic apostles of the Languedoc,” and it was an honor for Gates Circle Wine & Liquor to spend time with winemaker Robert Eden during his first trip to Buffalo, New York at Coco Bar & Bistro. Robert Eden strongly believes in a low carbon-based economy, and his entire winery is certified bio-dynamic and organic. Their vineyard is completely hand-harvested, and once in the cellar (which is constructed entirely from hemp with zero carbon emissions), the wines are made using only natural yeasts and bottled unfined and unfiltered. To hear Robert Eden speak is to understand just how passionately he believes in his craft. Chateau Maris makes incredible wines in an environmentally conscious way, and we couldn’t have had a better venue in Coco Bar & Bistro.

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Robert Sinskey Wine Dinner

March 2014

Maria Sinskey of California’s Robert Sinskey Vineyards joined Gates Circle Wine & Liquor’s Food and Wine Dinner at Oliver’s Restaurant. She was born and raised in upstate New York, and you can find her cooking at her husband’s winery, plotting for her organic gardens, teaching, writing, and raising her two children.

Robert Sinskey began his endeavor when a six-month assignment to assist his father turned into a twenty-five year obsession. “After a stint in advertising, I was looking for something real where I could, excuse the pun, put down roots. Then, my father called for help. His avocation in wine growing had developed into a fledgling business and he needed assistance. After a week had passed I discovered that my father’s avocation had become his obsession.” The winery is a landmark of elegance, and using traditional right-bank varieties, they produce some of the most coveted wines in the Napa region. Their persistence to produce traditional European wines in North American style has left them popularly known as “the bridge from the old world to the new”.

Oliver’s Cuisine, our host, was top notch and the wines paired wonderfully with the menu. Unfortunately, these photos are inedible, so you’ll just have to take our word for it.

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