Shango Creole/Cajun Dinner

September 2015

Below, you will find a collection of photographs from our recent wine dinner at Shango Wine Bar & Bistro. If you are so overwhelmed with jealousy upon viewing these photos that you begin to panic and lose your sense of self, retreating inward to draw upon the spirit of the untamed animal you once were, please take a deep breath and compose yourself. Remember, Shango Wine Bar & Bistro is a restaurant with regular hours, and hey, you might be able to visit them even now! Our thanks to the venue and staff for providing a stellar eve
ning of great cuisine and outstanding atmosphere.

Providence Social Patio Brunch

August 2015

A lot can be said about Providence Social and its importance to the fabric of the local dining scene, though there is perhaps no better reason to visit then for the chance to wine and dine on their excellent patio, serenaded by the peculiar song in the air that lets you know several dozen people have been made suddenly aware that the bar down the street is secretly a temple for hungry vampires. We’re pleased to say that quite a few friends turned out for our “Buffalo Menage,” supporting a local trifecta of retailer (Gates Circle Wine & Liquor), restaurant (Providence Social), and distiller (Black Squirrel Distillery.) Let the photo gallery below take you on a magic carpet ride of self discovery.

Cocktail Dinner at Oshun Oyster Bar

May 2015

Way back on May 11th, the Gates Circle Wine & Liquor crew climbed aboard the good ship Liquor and sailed for the sunny shores of Oshun Oyster Bar for mixed drinks and incredible eats. Featuring an exciting menu consisting of things pulled from the briny depths, fun was had by all, or at least no one complained loudly enough to be heard over the roar of laughter and the draining of many glasses.

If you stare at these photos for long enough, your mind will convince you that you’ve returned to that fateful Monday night. Stare even longer, and perhaps you actually will. SPOOKY!