Way back in the day, I was one of the first employees at Gates Circle before I decided to pursue other ventures outside of the liquor business. As we all know, life has a way of calling us home, so here I am. I enjoy a good New York cider and reasonably priced bottles of wine. I believe you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for high quality, so if you’re looking for value without betraying your taste buds, ask for my help when you come in. I’m the guy in shorts.



I started my tenure at Gates with an already great appreciation for bourbon, and you can find me staring longingly at that section of the store whenever I’m not gesturing wildly at Port and Zinfandel to convince you fine people to buy as much of it as you can carry. Though bourbon will always be my first love, I must admit that I’ve found myself straying of late. Spirits of all stripes have a way of enticing me, in addition to the previously mentioned fortified and jammy reds. If I’m holding a glass, you can bet there’s something bold and powerful inside. When it comes to cocktails and wine regions, I stick to the classics. If you’re looking for the right hooch to drown olives in a world-beating gin martini, or something old school and Italian, I’ll be around. Ask away.



I love to drink water. I love cuddles and licking people’s faces. I love BACON and eggs on Sundays. I protect Mommy. She calls me pupper dupper #2. Pupper Dupper #1 is my brother, Ash.