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North Tonawanda’s Go-To Liquor Shop

Tonawanda is derived from the Seneca term meaning “swift running water”, and the North part, well we think you can figure out for yourself! The Tonawanda creek used to flow into the Niagara River until it was deterred during the construction of the Erie Canal; this place is also very appropriately known as “The Lumber Jack City” for its early industry, and was once the largest port during the highest succession of the Canal’s establishment. We’re proud to serve the North Tonawanda community as their local liquor store, and our wine selection is second to none. You won’t regret the short trip to our shop.

The History

Originally part of Wheatfield, after many experimented merger failures, North Tonawanda was incorporated as

Tonawanda History

a City in 1897. Up until the 1970’s this town was a lumber transportation and forwarding center of epic

proportions. The birthplace of Herschell-Spillman Company/Allan Herschell Co., a leading producer ofcarousels, was just the opening of the floodgates to the over 170 lumber businesses and incoming manufacturing organizations that made North Tonawanda home. The increase in technology and decrease in the demand for manual labor has steadied these increases, but the history of establishment still deeply lives in the roots of this city. It’s no wonder our blue-collared heroes loved their whiskey from their North Tonawanda liquor store.

The Notable Buildings

North Tonawanda is home to numerous historic mansions and buildings, all of which have their contributions to the succession of our great city. Established in 1908, the North Tonawanda City Market was and is the oldest farmer’s market in Niagara County. It continues to be open for business three days a week at all times of the year, where more than 70 farmers come to sell their locally-grown goods. If you were looking for some other amazing local productions, our New York Wine selection is outstanding. On the National Register of Historic Places, North Tonawanda olds the Carnegie Library, Riviera Theatre, and the aforementioned Herschell-Spillman Motor Company Complex.

Canal Fest

A beautiful hybrid come-together between the Tonawandas, it’s a renowned festival for all to enjoy. The annual Canal celebration observes the area’s history in the western end of the Erie Canal.The largest of its kind, it was originally set out in conjunction with many regional leaders to promote local business, fundraise for non-profits, and give the opportunity for the town to just come together and genuinely enjoy itself. Started in 1983, now an estimated 150,000 people currently attend. It’s entirely free of charge, is the largest event held along the Erie Canal and is known throughout New York State. And what goes well with a near nationally-known festival? A nice Gin from your North Tonawanda Liquor Store.

Gateway Harbor Park

Gateway HarborThe beauty of this vast land can’t be understated, and North Tonawanda’s Gateway Harbor Park is no exception. It’s perfect for families, offering day and night rates for camping in the warm summer months. Docking for boaters is also free, so if you’re lucky enough to own your own vessel, you’re more than welcome here. The free concerts that run May to August give perfect opportunities for you to take that special someone out and enjoy the natural scenery that makes our land so unique. Grab a nice 90+ vino from your North Tonawanda wine shop, hit the Gateway Harbor Park, and just enjoy the little things in life.

Veteran’s Park

Much like their counterparts to the south, North Tonawanda holds a reputation for respecting all those who have served and are serving. In celebrating this reputation, Veteran’s Park is constructing a monument dedicated to those who fought in the Vietnam War. As if that wasn’t enough, the park already has two to show reverence for the U.S. Marines and Seabees. Not sure who the Seabees are? Well, derived from “CB” for Construction Battalion, they’re Navy service members who build bases and have paved thousands of miles for roadways and airstrips to ensure timely transport between Military standpoints. Pretty cool? We thought so too. Drink vodka like a sailor from North Tonawanda’s Gates Circle Liquor.

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