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Enjoy Niagara Falls with Gates Circle Wine & Liquor

A staple in Western New York, Niagara Falls is a timeless tourist destination and one of the most revered natural wonders in the world. It’s one of the most romantic sites to be had, and thousands gather maybe just for a day away, or for the perfect place to forever commit themselves to the most important person they’ve ever met. There are also plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained in the area, so if the largest waterfall in the world doesn’t tickle you’re fancy, not to worry. Regardless of why or when you’re there, plenty of guards surround the Falls – so don’t hesitate to make a quick stop at Gates Circle Wine & Liquor on your way.


Hyde Park

Sure, there’s Central Park, but that’s too cliché; give Hyde Park a try. It’s the second largest park outside of the famous Manhattan commune, and both offers amusement and distraction from the everyday grind for us all. Baseball diamonds,

Niagara falls 1

tennis courts, lawn bowling lanes, and a golf course pretty much make Hyde Park an impossible place not to visit. The picnic

pavilions, Olympic-sized swimming pool, Hyde Park Lake, and the rose garden are no slouches either. Other than the Falls themselves, this iconic location should be next on your to-do list. And while you’re appreciating everything that is Niagara Falls, NY, why not do it with a local wine from New York.


Little Italy

Sure, everyone may claim to have a little Italy, but is it truly? This one is. Pine Avenue is packed to the nines with restaurants, bakeries, and pizzerias in an area that’s home to Italian-American creations including St. Joseph’s Church, and the Cristoforo Colombo Society.  Colombus Square Park is the pinnacle of the traditional homeland, hosting summer concerts and plenty of Italian festivals. It even has its own Public Access TV show! So if you’re so inclined, why not grab a Tuscan Wine and enjoy?


The North End

Beginning as an absolutely exploding industrial district, it’s now adopting into the green district. The new developments are making it one of the hottest spots of relocation, and it’s becoming a key transportation hub that’s boosting the area and giving it a chance to reclaim its previous stature. Numerous garden and park projects are being undertaken to revamp this diverse and lively neighborhood, so we’ll see you soon for some Champagne to relish on the grass over a picnic. Just don’t invite the ants.


Downtown; AKA, the South End

This part of the city adjoins with the Niagara Falls State Park, and is where you’ll find the majority of the tourist attractions. After a couple ideas to improve the area, they’ve recently restored the famous Falls Street and downtown area to its original magnificence. The entertainment district is more than just back on its feet, and it’s easy to find a great vacation for an even better value. The arrival of the Seneca Niagara Casino has really brought the crowds, so there’s something for just about everyone. Just be sure to take a trip to Gates Circle Liquor first for some American Whiskey to give your night a good start.


Buffalo Avenue

To those other than tourists, it’s the true-blue Niagara Falls. The famous Niagara Club serves as the acme of social and cultural relevance, and the surrounding area has remained the industrial core. If you’re looking to cruise the streets for some loca
l shops and to live the life of Niagara tradition, this spot is for you. What’s the best accompaniment for a day on the town? A good wine from California.

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