New Leadslingers at Your Buffalo Wine Shop

If you’ve been patiently waiting for your favorite Buffalo liquor store to stock up on new Leadslingers releases, you’re in luck! Gates Circle Wine & Liquor has finally received a drop of Black Flag Rum, Napalm Cinnamon Whiskey, and the limited release Thin Blue Line Bourbon in support of the families of the deceased Dallas police officers. Remember, there isn’t a lot of this stuff, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Gates Circle Wine & Liquor will always be your home for Leadslingers Whiskey for sale!

Leadslingers Whiskey is produced by Scissortail Disillery in Oklahoma and seven combat veterans who love whiskey almost as much as they “unrepentantly support the Second Amendment.”

Because these spirits are produced in small batches, please limit your order to 6 bottles. Leadslingers Whiskey has requested we put a 2 bottle limit on all Thin Blue Line orders, so plan your cart accordingly!

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