Join the Wine Club!

Every month Gates Circle Wine & Liquor of Buffalo, NY, will bring new and exciting wines to your doorstep. Our experts pick the individual wines that will tease your taste palate allowing you to enhance your appreciation of fine wine. We will ensure that you will get to enjoy only the finest, award winning wines created locally, domestically, and from around the world.

  • Expands your taste palate
  • Something new to savour every month
  • Delivery to your doorstep

2 Bottle Club

Our staff will personally select quality wines from a large variety of regions. You can choose from either red or white wines to receive.

$25 + tax

Add $5.00 for Local Delivery.


6 Bottle Club

You can receive either three reds, three whites, or a custom pick.

$80 + tax

Free Local Delivery.


The Case Club

Allow us to put a case together for you. We’ll select 12 quality bottles of wine, half red, half white, or a custom pick.

Free Local Delivery. Contact us about your selection choice.

$150 + tax


Receiving your products

You may choose to have your wine delivered to you if you are in our local delivery area for $5, or have it shipped to you at an additional cost for the 2 bottle Club. Local delivery is free with our other wine clubs. You need to be in an approved state that we can ship to. Alternatively, you can also drop the store and pick it up


Members may cancel their membership up to 30 days before the start of the next month.


A credit card is required on file.


Please fill out the Wine Clubs Membership Form, and fax it to us at 716.884.8759, or email at to activate your membership.



About Gates

Gates Circle Wine & Liquor is Buffalo’s leading wine and liquor destination, providing the very best products to suit any occasion and budget.