Upcoming Events at Gates Circle Wine and Liquor

Every week at Gates Circle Wine & Liquor of Buffalo, NY, we bring in some wonderful people to provide free samples of our favorite products to anyone interested in giving them a shot. We like to start the weekend early by frequently starting our wine tastings on Thursday, just to remind you that you’re only a day away from being able to cut loose. We usually follow that up with one or two on Friday and Saturday, featuring well-known spirit brands, smaller craft distilleries, fantastic wine from all over the world, and regular visits from New York State’s growing collection of first class wineries. Everything you sample is on sale for the duration of the tasting, making it an excellent opportunity to expand your palate without taking a serious hit to your wallet.

Once you’re done, feel free to grab a member of our staff to answer any questions you might have about what you just tried. We’re all constantly looking to share our wealth of knowledge with anyone brave enough to listen.

Our special wine dinners are no slouch either, and we invite you to join us for premium food and vino combinations. We feature international wineries and pair them some of the finest local fares to make all-round enjoyable experiences for everyone. You can see some photos from our past affairs here, or look at our upcoming events here.