Black Squirrel Buffalo Liquor Tasting on October 29 2016

Join us on Saturday, October 29, 2016 for a special liquor tasting at Gates Circle Wine & Liquor, in Buffalo, New York.

About the Distiller:

As a New York farm distillery, Black Squirrel manufactures spirits using primarily New York State agricultural products and is permitted to hold tastings and sell products at their location, state and county fairs, and local not-for-profit farmers’ markets. As Black Squirrel grows, they help local farms expand and flourish in New York.

About the Spirits:

Black Squirrel Maple Rum offers characteristics similar to premium aged rum, fine bourbon, or whiskey. The sweet aroma introduces an equally pleasant subtle sweetness on the front of the palate. The finish is complex, oaky, and clean.

No one asked the question, but this is the answer to what happens when you artfully blend Grade A maple syrup, full-bodied cold brew coffee, and aged Caribbean rum. In keeping with their tradition of craft maple spirits, the Black Squirrel presents something that you’ll be glad to find out there in the wild. Again, it is not your typical woodland creature, this is an Ardilla Negra Maple Coffee Liquor.

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